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  • +91 92544 02270

  • info@idealtextilesolutions.com

  • 175, Sec-29, Part-1 Huda

  • Panipat- 132103, Haryana, India

  • +91 92544 02270

  • info@idealtextilesolutions.com

  • 175, Sec-29, Part-1 Huda

  • Panipat- 132103, Haryana, India

Warp Preparation

The development of weaving technology needs preparatory equipment with high quality and performance for completion.H-Fang succeeded in developing HF988C Intelligent sectional warping maching 16 years ago.

It is preparatory to weaving lines of wool textile,trademark fabric,heavy twist synthetic fiber filament fabric,yarn dyed fabric ,natural silk fabric ,towel fabric and industrial special fabrics .It can be completed with water-jet ,air-jet,rapier and gripper looms and is an excellent substitute of similar products of Europe.


High level electric configuration-MIITSUBISHI PLC,-Advanced servo system,-Step motor,-Touch screen computer workstation Fully computerized automatic control for-input varieties data of yarn information,-automatic calculation-precise movement of warping table,high intelligence.

Beaming tension presetting function ensure perfectwinding result Big touch screen,clear ,rich information content ,easy operation,displaying detailed warping condition and trouble shooting for electric and air components.

Start point locating and section alignment to be set easily by one key.

Advanced field bus technology available for easy transmission of any signal from any part of the machine,fully automatic operation for testing,trouble shooting and parameter setting.

Pneumatic car-use disc brake,reliable and large brake moment.

With the increasing thickness of the yarn ,warping table which controlled by independent imported step motor move backwards automatically to ensure the constant space between front reed and yarn surface.This space can be set as per different processing demand.

Head stock’s horizontal movement controlled by theservo motor. Leasing reed and creel is fixed. The central of warp yarn sectionis always in beeline thus to ensure even tension of both section sides.

Broken end position auto-memory function.

Liner type guide ensure precise warping table displacement intwo directions

  1. Integrated warp beaming device suitable for big beaming tension, fit for alltypes of beams
  2. Fixed 1:6 conical drum, made of sheet steel, high precise dynamic balanced,fit for all types of yarns.
  3. Pneumatic three-point automatic positioning leasing reed, high efficiency andfunction in short time
  4. Guard rail and infrared raster available for guarantee safety of beamingoperation
  5. Electric broken end stop motion device
  6. Multiple types of creels for option
  7. Cone ends and cone pitch to order
  8. Multiple types of tensioners for option.
  9. Oiling / waxing device and static eliminator available for option.

Main Technic data

Working width                                      23002600280034003600mm

Beam diameter                                   800mm/1000mm

Warping speed                                    0-500m/min

Beaming speed                                  0-120m/min

Deviation of beaming tension          ≤±2%

Braking distance                                 ≤2m(500m/min)

Drum diameter                                   1000mm

Drum tapering                                    18(φ800  16(φ1000

Conn length                                        1150mm(beam dia.Ф800,tapering 1:8

Section traverse speed                    0.001-9.999mm/r,stepless

Section positioning accuracy           ≤0.01mm

Section traverse accuracy                ≤0.02%