We Can Dance


We Can Dance

THE FREE SPIRIT DANCE STUDIO , A WELL KNOW DANCE ACADEMY IN WEST DELHI since its foundation till date has advanced on the road of eminent success with actualzation of multitude of rewards to its incessant endeavours.

We offer a fun atmosphere coupled with a well- rounded curriculum focused on inspiring dancers of all ages and abilities to strive for technical excellence and meaningful artistry. In addition to our standard class offerings,we provide the opportunity to audition and participate in one of several competitions.

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“ The Free Spirit Dance Studio is my happy place. It’s wonderful being a student here since 2017 and learning from some of the finest talents. I look forward to many more learning experiences! ”

– Neha

“ Dancing at The Free Spirit Dance Studio has always been fun, and each session is always intense! The atmosphere is very motivating! Dancing has helped me build confidence and I am getting to know my capabilities, strengths and weaknesses. Improvisation has helped me grow as a dancer! ”

– Manasi Sharma

“My daughter has been dancing at the studio for seven years! We call the studio our second home. All the teachers are dedicated and hard working…the showcases each year are amazing…The Free Spirit Dance Studio”

– Tarana Gupta

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